About me

Following a career in Law, I became a psychotherapist following training at the John Bowlby Centre in London. During this period of change I wrote the published memoir of a Holocaust survivor, which greatly deepened my understanding of trauma and its effects on the human psyche

I have nineteen years of experience and practise in Deddington, Oxfordshire, five miles outside Banbury

John Bowlby was a key figure in Attachment Theory, a theory which modern scientific research supports, and which forms the cornerstone of my approach, especially in longer term therapy


  • What are your ‘core beliefs’ about the world around you?
  • Do you feel welcome in the world?
  • Are you sure or unsure about how others feel about you?
  • Do you trust or mistrust the motives of others?


It is these aspects of your world that we will explore as it is generally here that difficulties lie

I will encourage you to give me feedback at all stages of our work – for example, whether you feel I have really understood you, or missed the point.  The greater the trust a client feels in their therapist, the greater the potential for change, and I try to foster this sense of trust

My other areas of work include:

Critical Incident support. Where serious injury or fatality has occurred within an organization, and its members need, either singly or as a group, specialist help with the resulting grief or trauma. I am registered with a number of providers nationwide

Employee Assistance Programs. Support on a short term basis for employees of generally large companies who are suffering work-related crises or personal problems affecting their performance at work

Insurance work I am registered with CIGNA, Bupa, Aviva, Pru Health and the Rehabilitation Network for insurance-covered therapies


I have taught Ethics in Practice at the John Bowlby Centre