Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

You are on a train, but rather than relaxing, resting or reading, you are counting the number of telegraph poles between stations. Not only do you realize that this activity is pointless, the process exhausts you and makes you very anxious.But you can’t stop!

Or, you are sure you locked up the house before you left, or when you parked the car, but you feel you have to check this, often more than once.

Or you have a need to wipe your feet, not only on entering your home, but on leaving it, too.

Or you cannot stop washing your hands.

All these symptoms are highly debilitating. They control your life, destroying all enjoyment of it for yourself and those close to you.

The fact is that psychotherapy has not proved very successful in alleviating the terrible symptoms of OCD.

But there are strategies that can significantly reduce the effects of OCD and we can work together with these.

OCD can be quite resistant to change and a number of sessions may be required, but with use of these strategies you can make significant progress with this affliction.